School Transport

School Transport

School Transport

The Department of Education has overall responsibility for the provision of the school bus service to transport the children to and from school each day.

Before a child is enrolled in the school, parents are asked to fill in the “School Transport Application Form. When this is completed it should be returned to the Principal who will then apply to the Department of Education. Parents are informed as soon as the application is sanctioned.

All our school transport busses have the service of a bus escort to accompany the children to and from school.

Bus drivers and bus escorts aim to provide the best possible service for our children.

They can provide the link between home and school and so parents should keep them informed of any changes to their child’s health or routine.

If parents are changing their address they must request a change of address form for transport from the Principal. They must then sign and return it to the Principal as soon as possible in order to have transport sanctioned to the new address.

Parents must have their child ready at the agreed time in the morning and bring their child out to the bus.

Likewise parents must be at the house in the afternoon to collect their child off the bus at the agreed time.

Any medicines travelling with the child must be handed to the bus escort when boarding the bus.

If there is a delay with the bus the escort will alert parents by mobile phone.

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